Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hunger is one of the most problems experienced in the North Eastern parts of Uganda like Karamajong areas in Uganda. It is so destructive that it can lead to Deaths among the people in a family.
It is so disturbing that it can lead some one to loss of peace due to the demanding intestines. So hunger is just a coward and it is just hell.

Some of the possible causes of hunger in the community are as follows
Laziness is one of the most common causes of hunger in the community today in the most communities in Uganda today.
Lack of good fertile soils can also lead to hunger for example the North Eastern parts of Uganda they have poor fertile soils which are infertile where by they can’t work in Agriculture because of the poor soils they have.
Hunger can also be caused by unemployment where people can’t work because they don’t have jobs and lack land where to dig and feed there families on.
Lacks of seeds to be used in Farming since seeds are so costly and expensive where by you find people very poor and have no cash for paying for those expensive seeds hence hunger in the community.
Sometimes you find a family in harmony the whole family loses its people everyday almost from down to dusk which makes them lose appetite for eating food even if it is present.
Some plantations fail to grow because of the pests which attack and destroy human crops hence causing hunger.
Some people grew up in the whitish life where they had a lot of freedom in their and knew not how to work they could just sit there and just wait for everything in life hence hunger.
Some people have a thought that who ever is dressed to kill is always rich and lack nothing in life, but when you go forward investigating how they live you can even just wonder and prove that whenever you see some in suits it doesn’t mean that he lacks nothing in life.
Well! Even if hunger is there but there are also other measures that can be taken to overcome hunger.
Some of the possible causes are the following below
Where there are infertile soils you take a measure of applying manure like cow dung and Cattle urine to make the soils regain fertility.
Another one is controlling laziness by keeping your self busy in work all the time from morning till when you get a tranquility moment like in the wee hours.
Another is always not thinking that everything is for free to know that man must struggle much and hard to archive what to eat.
Even the one who dances very well lives the dancing flow so this is our right time for us to say good bye to you our reader.

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