Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the strange disease

Most parts of Uganda have been struck by many diseases and the most strange is
HIV/AIDS. It has conquered a great deal of people and many are bed-ridden while others are at death’s door.
It consists of various symptoms and signs like persistant cough, diarrhea, and skin rashes and so on and so forth.
Subsequently, this disease has really caused a lot of misery to most people especially the
Infants .As their parents tend to kick the bucket due to this stranger hence paving way for their suffering.
It has also affected the youths due their sexual instinct and urge. It breaks marriages as patterns are left widows/widowers.
However this stranger can be eradicated if the following are done:
Abstinence from sex before marriage should be done by every one.
In abstract married couples should be faithful to each other in order to step down this merciless fellow.
The victims should be counseled, guided
Comforted and loved to enable them fit in the society and live strength to strength.


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