Wednesday, February 22, 2012


In an effort to eradicate extreme poverty, the people of Amuru district have embarked on serious Agricultural activities. The activities include growing of crops and keeping animals. The crops which are grown in this district are mostly;beans, maize, simsim,millet,groundnuts,rice,and sorgum.These crops are mainly grown for food but at times people are forced to sell part of it inorder to get other basic needs like soap, salt, clothes, sugar, etc.
Usually, at the end of the year people wrap up and evaluate their activities for the year and this is the time that most harvesting takes place, simsim, rice, groundnuts, sorghum and many other crops are harvested.
At the begining of the year like this people start to prepare their gardens for the next season so that at the onset of rain the gardens are ready and planting is done immediately.

The Government of Uganda is very much supportive to the farmers especially through the NAADS projects. Early last year around may and june, seeds were distributed to farmers although not many people benefitted but it is a good sign that some efforts are being made to help this farmers.This is done to encourage large scale and comercial farming so that at the end of it all, the people are able to have enough food and also some good amount of money. However, this is not very possible because the use of Agricultural mechanics and technology is still very low. Most of our farmers still go manually, they dig and weed using handhoes.
The only few machines which are used in this district are tractors and ox-plough, but it is not enough and very expensive to hire. A tactor goes for 80,000shillings( eighty thousand shillings) per acre and also an ox-plough,very few people can afford this hence most of them go manually.The end result is low production and low quality products. The unpleasant part of it is that our market is widely open so much so that buyers are free to buy from any where in the district and in any amount to the extend that buyers move from door to door and even in the gardens to buy the food items.
The most common one is the Uganda-Sudan businesses where most food items are taken to be sold at a very high price.The buyers move with big lorries and buy a lot of foods. Most of the farmers when they see money, they get excited and sell out all thier foods and the next thing is to starve.

Usually at the onset of rain in the first season many villages hardly have anything to eat. People starve seriouly in the months of april, may,and june then the first doing crops like maize, beans, millet rescue them.

There is need to improve on agricultural activities in the district through provision of Agricultural mechanics and technology to increase production and the quality of products since there is readily available markets.
Improved quality seeds should be given to farmers for free or at a low cost inorder to allow them produce more and more.

Also farmers should be given access to soft loans in the banks and other micro-finance sectors to encourage commercial farming.

Farmes associations is very important so farmers should be encouraged to form and join Associations.

There is need to advise the farmers on storage and marketing of their products.Thanks to World Food Programme with thier project P for P (Purchase for progress) where farmers are encouraged to store their foods in a big house ware and later sell them at and appropriate time and to better buyers.

In conclusion, through Agriculture Amuru district is set to eradicate extreme poverty which is one of the millenium development goals to be achieved by the year 2015.

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