Thursday, March 1, 2012


My village is Lwalla Kwa in Lacor Parish, Lamogi sub-county in Amuru District
Some years ago, my village was a forest. As the people increase in number more and more trees were cut down because people wanted to grow crops and build houses. Soon there were no more trees and now people face the danger of cutting down trees such as soil eroision,excessive sunshine, poor climate, crops are becoming poorer and porer because the soils have lost fertility.

Trees are very good because they influence the weather and climate in a place, they also help in rain formation and give us shades.

We need to protect our environment by planting trees because the roots hold the soil in place when it rains and trees prevent the wind from blowing the top soil away, this helps the ground to retain moisture.

There are many kinds of trees one can plant. Farmers need to plant trees such as eucalyptus, Cypress, or gum tree because they dont take long to grow.

When we do these we are working towards achievieving environmental sustainability as a Millinium Development Goal

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  1. In even such a small community, it is heart warming to know someone is trying their all to just make a difference. Every tree makes a huge difference for our Earth.

    -Tony Salmeron
    Tree Service Charlotte